We are actively penetrating the healthcare, industrial, and medicinal markets.

About company

The LEXI Group LLC

LEXI is a collaborative effort between material scientists, chemists, inventors, business experts and industry specialists, formed to create an array of incredibly efficacious antimicrobial products that stray far and away from today’s standard, chemical-heavy and toxic counterparts.

By marrying two similar yet different surface protectant technologies, both with deep histories of novel antimicrobial action, we were able to isolate and combine the best methodologies and attributes from each, resulting in explosive advancements and a super-powered product line.

Qualified Specialists

Designs the experience in 3 steps, each increasing in detail, from the flow to the wireframes.

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Individual Approach

Our designers are Italian and are characterized by having an eye for beauty that is unparalleled.

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Great Experience

Screens of Routes are fully customizable, which made them perfect for your commercial projects.

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Friendly Customer Service

Strong minimalistic design of the screens may be a useful tool for educational purposes.

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Just like protective gear, such as helmets, safety glasses, and gloves, LEXI Antimicrobial Protectants are designed to provide a physical safeguard against external threats.