LEXI is a collaborative effort between material scientists, chemists, inventors, business experts and industry specialists, formed to create an array of incredibly efficacious antimicrobial products that stray far and away from today’s standard, chemical-heavy and toxic counterparts.

By marrying two similar yet different surface protectant technologies, both with deep histories of novel antimicrobial action, we were able to isolate and combine the best methodologies and attributes from each, resulting in explosive advancements and a super-powered product line.

Standing fast to our clean, green & non-toxic commitment, we have been able to create a slough of revolutionary water-based disinfectants and protectants, with a combined efficacy on over 140 infectious microbes. Our protectants carry the lowest toxicity ratings available, are safe for use around children and pets, carry no odors and pose no threat to the environment.

LEXI protectants have been specially formulated for use on skin, fabrics, plants and other inanimate surfaces, including food contact surfaces. The products are easy to use and leave no residue while remaining active and in place on surfaces for hours, days or even weeks (depending on product and application method).

We aim to arm consumers with the ability to protect themselves from contaminates before they’re ever exposed, even at a large scale.
We are actively penetrating the healthcare, industrial, and medicinal markets.


Surface adhesion is arguably the most critical step in microbial proliferation. In order for a microbe to survive and reproduce, it must first adhere to a suitable surface.

When applied to a target surface, LEXI protectants form a mineral-based, mechanically bonded protective layer that physically changes the surface. While undetectable to the naked eye and harmless to humans, LEXI protectants turn previously suitable surfaces into inhospitable environments, incapable of supporting pathogenic microbial life.

LEXI protected surfaces are able to ward off a wide variety of pathogenic microbial infections and unlike chemical antimicrobial products that evaporate in mere seconds, LEXI products stay bonded in place, offering ongoing protection long after application.


Longer Surface Protection

We provide outstanding service through teamwork, accountability and innovation of which is reflected in the quality of our results.

No Odor

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Liquid Has Better Coverage Protection

Teamwork, experience, accountability and innovation – all of which is reflected in the quality of our results.


Just like protective gear, such as helmets, safety glasses, and gloves, LEXI Antimicrobial Protectants are designed to provide a physical safeguard against external threats.

While each product formula is different, all products contain a unique array of mineral particles that have been suspended in an eco-friendly, water-based solution. Through an intensive series of patent-protected processes, the minerals are refined and combined with supportive ingredients to amplify efficacy and target specific surfaces. As the wet product dries on a target surface, a jagged and deadly crystalline barrier (think minefield to microbes) is formed, bonded and locked in place.

Electrostatic attraction comes in to play for microbes approaching any surface. How strongly a microbe is drawn and attached to a surface is influenced by the force of the attraction [or repulsion] between the two. Through LEXI’s proprietary process of mechanical manipulation during production, the crystalline-surface barrier carries a natural electrical charge. This charge is enhanced when applied by an electrostatic applicator, further intensifying the attraction between approaching pathogenic microbes and the treated anti- microbial surface, resulting in certain microbe death.